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About Us

We strive to understand your criteria and expectations for expansion – whether it’s building your initial team from the ground up or top-grading your existing organization.  As trusted advisors across multiple verticals, including software, technology, manufacturing, and industrial, we focus primarily on placement within the C-suite and all positions that touch operations and revenue.

Our Approach

We make a significant investment up-front to ensure that every candidate is a match as it relates to character, chemistry, competency, and culture. We utilize a performance & evidence-based approach rather than a “skills & responsibilities” search model.

Define Performance

We establish a Performance Profile that defines the deliverables and results expected of a top performer in the role.

Measure Success

We work with you to clarify and establish measurable outcomes that will define success for your new team member.

Align Candidates

We align candidates who have delivered or exceeded comparable accomplishments and experienced sustained success.

“The recruiting industry has become a level playing field. Each firm has access to the same platforms and the same candidates. What differentiates us is the time we invest in building a relationship with you to understand your mission, story, and messaging. We learn how success will be measured for the person who will fulfill the role. And we engage our network of gainfully employed candidates who have a proven track record of exceeding goals and create enthusiasm for an opportunity at your firm.”
Jim Sperduto, Managing Director

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